2014 : Minister of Pensions

With the King, at the taking of the oathWith the King, at the taking of the oath

At the formation of the Government Michel, Daniel Bacquelaine was appointed as Minister for Pensions.
As part of his duties, Daniel Bacquelaine will have to put in place the necessary pension reform intended to secure our welfare system.

1999 - 2014 : Leader of the Group MR in the Chamber of representatives

At the Belgian House of RepresentativesAt the Belgian House of Representatives

In 1994, Daniel Bacquelaine starts his first term in office as a member of parliament. Since 1995 he has been re-elected as a member of parliament at every federal election and he becomes leader of the MR Group in the Chamber in 1999.

On the international field Daniel Bacquelaine was member of the Assembly of the Council of Europe and he was chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He becomes Vice-President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in 2013.

Since 2008, Daniel Bacquelaine is also President of the Provincial Fédération of Liège of the MR.

Daniel Bacquelaine is on top of the list for the Chamber in the province of Liège on May 25th 2014. He manages to achieve the best personal result (46230 votes) of all lists.

1982 - 1999 : from town councillor to alderman and Mayor of Chaudfontaine

In 1982, Daniel Bacqueline starts his first term in office in Chaudfontaine.  For the first time he is elected as a town councillor in Chaudfontaine. At that time, the Liberals are in local opposition.

In 1988 the tide turns and since then he is in the majority as alderman of Finance, Sports and Thermalism. In 1988 he also is a candidate for provincial elections. Once elected he becomes leader of the PRL Group in the Provincial Council and until 1994 he remains President of the "Provincial Commission for Prevention of addiction".

In 1992 he becomes mayor. A certain Jean Gol takes over his function as alderman.

In the same year, Daniel Bacquelaine becomes Member of the House of Representatives following the election of Jean Gol, of which he was the substitute, in the European Parliament.

At the same time he is responsible for the university teaching project of the Faculty of Medicine of Aix Marseille between 1990 and 1993  (University Diploma in Mesotherapy). In 1994, he teaches Mesotherapy at the "Hôpital Cantonnal de Genève" and at the Charleroi University Center from 1996 to 1999.

Since 1978 : Doctor of Medecine

This son of a magistrate will first study doctor of medecine at the University of Liège. He also holds a degree in mesotherapy of the University of Bordeaux.

Once graduated, he settles in Chaudfontaine, there he works as a family doctor.

'70s : Liberal and committed student

As a young adolescent he soon gets the taste of the political debate during heated discussions at the family table.

At university he engages with the liberal student movement and reactivates FELU (Fédération des Etudiants libéraux de Liège).